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Like anyone else, I was born in front of a dusty, little mirror that I have seen how I have been living my life, in it.
First image: How I became an artist,
It is related to the time that our street was asphalted for the first time, so boring and clean. To know the exact date, please contact section NO 8 at city hall of Tehran.
Imagine a wandering boy, drawing pictures on this asphalted pavement, and describing to other kids along with exciting stories.
Second image is adolescence,
Like any body in these years, I grew up, I got a tough voice,…
But … how it related to cartoon, as an art… because, I also drew cartoons…
These cartoons which were drawn on papers did not make flying dust – like drawing on pavement- to set on the mirror reflecting my living.
Later image is the first youth,
A man who always falling in love with beauties, studied architecture and published Art-works, so called black humor and sat up exhibitions. He became famous and … was melted in the flames of fire of revolution…
The next image is the second youth,
A graduated with a master degree in architectural engineering…
An skilful expert along side with a frozen artist who travelled to the U.S.A for years and returned to Iran.
The last image is the second childhood,
A conventional matchmaking and later, a full of passion and love with Mariam that was another birth-day for me…
A blind point that grew and became a perfect gentleman.
For time-being my cartoons walk and talk in my mind.
Now, you can call them, illustrated surrealist black humor, a reflection of my first childhood… I suppose, I am writing my cartoons.

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